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Requesting Talk – Meet – Resolve

How to work with ACC to attend Talk – Meet – Resolve
You and ACC will need to agree to attend conciliation before ACC can book the meeting date. There are several ways you can approach ACC to arrange conciliation.

Why agreement is needed before we can Talk – Meet – Resolve 

Conciliation is a voluntary process and it can only occur if both you and ACC agree to attend. The process of arranging conciliation will not be complete until a formal referral is made, but there are many ways it can get started. 

If you’ve  already spoken to someone (ACC, an Advocate, Navigation Services) about the problem, its best to talk to them and ask them to help arrange conciliation.

Your options

You can raise the possibility of Talk – Meet – Resolve in any of the following ways:

  • with the person at ACC you have been in contact with (for example your Case Manager or the ACC review specialist if you have lodged a review)
  • through the Independent Navigation Service (coming soon)
  • your representative (lawyer or advocate)
  • if you’ve tried these and they have not worked, you can email [email protected] and ask ACC to arrange conciliation. 

If you have already raised the issues with someone, it is often easier if you talk to them first about getting started on arranging conciliation with us. This is because they will already be aware that you are concerned about something and they will know the process for arranging a referral to Talk – Meet – Resolve.

ACC’s options

ACC can also contact us to arrange conciliation. Initial inquiries can be made by a case manager, a resolution specialist, a review specialist or ACC’s lawyer. If you're at ACC and you would like some help then you can contact [email protected].

Options for representatives to raise the issues

If you already have a lawyer or advocate involved, they can talk to you about whether your case would benefit from conciliation.

If you are a lawyer or an advocate and your client would like to attend conciliation then contact your client’s case manager or the review specialist you have been dealing with. 

Options for the Navigation Service 

We are working closely with the Independent Navigation Service (coming soon). If the issues can’t be easily resolved, talk to them about whether your case would benefit from conciliation.