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Why use TMR?

Why you should use Talk – Meet – Resolve?
Here are some reasons why you should try Talk – Meet – Resolve.

Why should you use the Conciliation process?   

You can get your dispute resolved within a few weeks

Our Talk – Meet – Resolve process allows you to resolve the dispute in a timely manner. We created a system where we can hold the meeting and get resolution within a few weeks. We know that many New Zealander's can't wait for months (or sometimes years) to solve their problems with ACC. Once you and ACC agree to attend conciliation, a date for your meeting can be immediately chosen and ACC can book it for you straight away. The booking only takes a few minutes and the only other thing you have to do before the meeting is to talk to the Conciliator.     

You get to be part of the solution

We found that many people prefer a dispute resolution process where they have some choice and control over what happens and how the dispute is solved. We know that getting people involved in the solution helps to maintain a lasting resolution and helps to prevent problems arising again in the future.    

Talk – Meet – Resolve is informal and accessible

We know that disputes can be stressful. Our process is designed to take as much stress as possible out of the dispute resolution process. All you need to do is chose to be part of conciliation and then talk to us before and at the meeting. You can also bring a support person or a representative with you to the meeting. We want you to feel confident to tell your story and because our process is confidential, you don't need to worry about "saying the wrong thing".

Our Independent experts know the law

We are an independent company with independent experts. We have brought together some of the most experienced and respected people working in ACC law in New Zealand.  We have worked as representatives (someone like an advocate or lawyer) and adjudicators (someone like a reviewer/judge who decides a dispute) and we enjoy helping people solve problems. We can help by suggesting lasting solutions if you and ACC would like our help. All you and ACC need to do is ask.

If you and ACC can't reach an agreement you can still go to review

We know that sometimes people are unable to reach an agreement. If the people involved cannot reach an agreement, you can continue on to review where a reviewer will need to make a decision for you and ACC. You and ACC won't lose anything by trying Talk – Meet – Resolve, but you might gain a lot.