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When and Where

Working out when and where
Before we can start our conciliation, we need to work out when and where we will do this. We have an online booking system for ACC to use and you will need to talk to ACC about this.

Talk – Meet – Resolve provides nationwide services for injured people and ACC     

We offer our services nationwide. We can meet at any place that ACC has an office, anywhere else that you and ACC agree on or through our online conciliation video-conference links.    

Agree with ACC to conciliate and when and where it will take place 

Once people have had a preliminary discussion about going to conciliation we need to get it organised.

When ACC has agreed to attend conciliation with you, they will provide us with a formal request for conciliation and reference number. You can discuss with ACC a suitable date and time and then ACC will let us know what you and ACC have agreed using our online booking site. Once things have been organised, we will send ACC confirmation of the meeting details which ACC will forward to you.     

Online Conciliation

We also offer the option of holding the conciliation meeting online using free video-conference platforms like Microsoft Skype or Teams meetings. We can do this with you anywhere – including using your smartphone or computer with a webcam attached. We have more flexibility with dates and time for our online conciliations