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Our ACC Relationship

Learn about our agreement with ACC

Our service is funded through a contract with ACC. Our relationship is managed in a transparent way to maintain our independence. Our performance measures are customer-focused: satisfaction with our service and timeliness.

Our relationship with ACC

Our relationship with ACC is set out in an agreement. We have proactively published this agreement to increase the transparency of our service.

PDF Document - Agreement for Dispute Resolution Services
1.16 MB PDF - Service-Agreement-between-ACC-and-Talk-Meet-Resolve.pdf

How our performance is measured

Our vision is to transform the way people experience disputes. We know from research that people can experience significant delays and also that many people have historically described their experience as dissatisfying.

To ensure our service is different, we worked with ACC to develop two performance measures (sometimes called performance indicators) which we think will allow us to check whether we are working towards our vision and we report these to ACC each month.

The first is "timeliness" which measures how long it takes for people to use our service. The second is "satisfaction" which tracks how satisfied people are with our service. Since our service began in July 2019, we have met our customer satisfaction and timeliness measures.

Client Satisfaction
Consistently high level of client satisfaction with a high survey response rate.
(January 2020 to December 2023)
Average dispute duration
It takes a few weeks from when the case is referred to us to resolution
(January 2020 to Decmeber 2023)


Our performance is measured by timeliness. This measures whether disputes are resolved in a timely manner. The purpose of having this measure is to ensure that people get access to justice in a timely manner.

We agreed with ACC that we will aim to have disputes resolved within 60 working days (2 months) and we are required to achieve this in 85% of cases.

When we designed our service, we aimed to provide a resolution within 20 working days. Over the four years to December 2023, we have averaged 21 working days from when we were first contacted about the case to resolving the case.


We measure satisfaction by asking people whether or not they are satisfied with our service. We measure this on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is complete dissatisfaction and 10 is complete satisfaction. The purpose of having this measure is to ensure that people using our service are satisfied. We contact everyone who uses our service and invite them to provide us with feedback. We do this after the case is closed so people have the chance to think about how they feel about the service after they know the outcome of the dispute.

Most people who use our service (60-75%) give us feedback. This helps us to improve our service. We do this after the case is closed and people know the outcome of their dispute. We think this is important as it allows people to reflect upon and give us feedback about the entire service we provide.

We have very high rates of satisfaction each month and in the past four years, we have averaged 98% satisfaction rating with our service.

Since January 2024 we have achieved 100% in satisfaction, independence, and expertise:

  • When we ask people if they are satisfied with our service, the average score we receive is 9.2/10.

  • When we ask people if they believe we are independent of ACC, the average score is 9.4/10.

  • When we ask people if they believe our conciliators are experts, the average score is 9.4/10.

Since January 2024 we have achieved a Net Promoter Score of +87. This means nearly everyone who uses our service would recommend it to their family and friends. This is considered world-class performance.