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Feedback and Complaints
We treat “feedback” and “complaints” separately so that we can improve people’s experiences with our service while still maintaining the confidentiality requirements and integrity of our dispute resolution meetings. This means that even if we cannot investigate your complaint, we are interested in receiving your feedback so that it can be used to improve the experience of people participating in Talk – Meet – Resolve dispute resolution system.

Making a complaint

When you send a complaint to us, we will initially acknowledge your complaint and then consider the next steps and advise you about what will happen next. You can send a complaint to [email protected].

You can complain to us about:

  • Our people’s conduct or how our people treated you
  • Our Talk – Meet – Resolve service.

If the dispute is ongoing, we may need to wait until this has been completed before we take any steps to investigate the complaint to ensure that we do not interfere in any ongoing process.

Limits on investigations of complaints

Please be aware that we cannot investigate complaints about dispute resolution meetings (including outcomes of meetings) which are covered by confidentiality agreements set out in the Agreement to Conciliate. 

Sometimes issues arise after a conciliation meeting has occurred. Because of our role as an independent resolution service and the fact that people can request to return to conciliation, we cannot become involved in cases after the conciliation has been closed. We can become involved again if all parties agree to attend a further conciliation.

Giving us feedback

Despite the limitations on what we can investigate, we welcome feedback from people who attend meetings.  We collect feedback by surveying people who attended meetings and by inviting people to provide feedback to us by email. 

We cannot “investigate” or make findings on feedback we receive. We will treat your feedback confidentially to develop our systems and improve our service. Due to the confidentially requirements, all identifying information will be removed from the feedback prior to it being used by Talk – Meet – Resolve. This means that identifiable information about your experience will not be shared with other people or organisations.

If you provide feedback, once the information has been redacted, it will then be considered, and issues identified can be used by our leadership team in training and development of our conciliators and improvements of our Talk – Meet – Resolve system. 

There are fewer limits on the feedback you can provide to us however the confidentiality of the conciliation process and our feedback process will apply to any feedback you provide to us. This means we are unable to enter into any further correspondence with you regarding the feedback you provided to us.

You can provide feedback by sending an email to [email protected] and also by participating in a survey about your experience with Talk – Meet – Resolve.