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Make Complaint

How to make a complaint

Here we explain the process for lodging a complaint with us and the limits of what we can investigate thorugh our complaints process. You can also give us feedback about your experience.

Making a complaint

When you send a complaint to us, we will initially acknowledge your complaint and then consider the next steps and advise you about what will happen next. You can send a complaint to

You can tell us about:

  • Our people’s conduct or how our people treated you

  • Our Talk – Meet – Resolve service.

Limits on investigations of complaints

If the dispute is ongoing, we may need to wait until this has been completed before we take any steps to investigate the complaint to ensure that we do not interfere in any ongoing process.

Please be aware that we cannot investigate complaints about Talk – Meet – Resolve process (including meetings and outcomes of meetings) which are covered by confidentiality agreements set out in the Agreement to use Talk – Meet – Resolve. Even if we cannot investigate your complaint, we welcome your feedback.

Limits on investigation of events after resolution

Sometimes issues arise after the resolution has occurred that result in complaints being made. Because of our role as an independent resolution service we cannot become involved in investigating any complaints that arise after the Talk – Meet – Resolve process has been closed.