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Authority to Act

Authorise someone else to help you

This is the form you need to complete to authorise someone else to act on your behalf. This is necessary to protect your personal information.

Getting someone else to act on your behalf

We recognise that sometimes people need help with their dispute from others so we are happy to work with you and other people to help resolve your dispute. Before we do this, we need to make sure that we understand who you have authorised us to talk to about your dispute. We do this to protect your personal information and make sure that we are talking to the right people.

Some people can help people around them (for example parent, caregiver, family group member of a person or legal guardian). We need to know that you have consented to this doing so and you want us to keep talking to them.

Other people have someone like a lawyer or advocate help them. We need to make sure that you agree for us to work with them.

Please download and complete this form if you would like to authorise someone else to act for you. If you have applied to use our service on behalf of someone else, then this is a necessary step for us to take before we can become involved.

We allow support people to be involved in our services. Authorising someone to act on your behalf is different to a support person.

Word Document: TMR Authority to Act
36.26 KB DOCX - TMR-Authority-to-Act-Form-Feb-2022.docx
PDF Document: TMR Authority to Act
97.66 KB PDF - TMR-Authority-to-Act-Form-Feb-2022.pdf