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We help to resolve the issues

The resolution is the final step of the conciliation. This is where we explore options for agreement and develop these.

Helping people move towards resolution

We normally find that during the meeting stage, the issues that are agreed or that still need to be resolved become clearer. Our Conciliators will help identify different options for people to consider on how to resolve the outstanding problems.

Between us, we have been involved in resolving tens of thousands of disputes. We know that if we all work together, we can develop different options that might resolve the issues. You can have confidence that there are very few problems that we haven’t already come across and we understand the types of options that can lead to a resolution.

What happens when you and ACC agree on a solution? 

One of the things that can happen by working together is we can find a solution that both you and ACC are happy with. When this happens, this is recorded in a “resolution agreement”. This is the formal record of the meeting and once it is signed, it is a legal document and it has to be followed by both you and ACC.

Before any resolution agreement is signed, the Conciliator double-checks with each of the people involved to make sure that they are happy with the resolution. It is very important to understand that no resolution will be forced upon anyone. It is something that people need to agree to voluntarily.

What happens if you and ACC can’t reach an agreement?

Sometimes it is not possible to reach an agreement and there are many different reasons for this. If the issues cannot be resolved then you may need to move on to the review process. The Conciliator can discuss this with the people at the meeting. The Conciliator can even help the parties reach an agreement about when and how the formal process should start. Occasionally, it is not possible to reach any agreements at all and if this happens, the conciliator will close the case by sending you and ACC a letter that the case is closed.

This is the end of our service. If you have lodged a review application, and no resolution is reached then your case will proceed onto the review process and you and ACC will need to make the necessary arrangements for this. We do not have any further involvement in the dispute.